Will Smith Says Jada Wouldn’t Have Gone to the Oscars Even If He Had Been Nominated

Would Jada Pinkett Smith still have made that video about systemic injustice in Hollywood if her husband, Will, had been nominated for Concussion? “If I had been the only person of color that had been nominated, my wife would have made two videos,” Smith said on BBC Radio 1. “She would not have gone with me. Trust.” Awkward! In fact, apparently, Will Smith had no idea his wife had even made a video. “I was out of the country when she made the video. I was in Thailand,” he said. “I had no idea. I’m like, ‘Babe, you gotta give a fella a little heads up,’ you know? Just a little something. ‘Hey, babe, hit me before you walk out of the airport’ … So I got in the car and Googled and watched the video.”

Smith goes on to say that he understands that this is not just about an awards ceremony. “This is not a civil-rights issue. This is not black and white. This is about diversity,” he said. “The images that we deliver from Hollywood have to push America. Diversity is the American superpower. That’s what makes us great.”

Will Smith Had to Google Jada’s Oscars Video