Comedy Central Cancels Moonbeam City Because Its Audience Was Closer to the Size of a Small Hamlet

Photo: Comedy Central

Comedy Central has canceled its animated comedy series Moonbeam City after one season. The absurdist take on ‘80s crime shows (think Miami Vice) centered on Rob Lowe as an incompetent detective for the Moonbeam City P.D. The show, which also starred the voices of Elizabeth Banks, Will Forte, and Kate Mara, was a ratings flop, per Deadline, failing to make use of its South Park lead-in. The cancellation of Moonbeam City just goes to show that, 1), the people have not kept Lowe rich in successful TV shows because of the sound of his voice and, 2), maybe now is not the cultural moment for too many hilarious shows about idiot cops. Protest the cancellation of Moonbeam City all you want — it won’t do any good. Presumably, Moonbeam City takes place in space, where no one can hear you scream, but, of course, who knows? Like pretty much everyone else, we have not seen this very niche show.

Comedy Central Cancels Moonbeam City