Jay Z Asks Clippers’ Chris Paul Why He Ran the Same Play 4 Times; Regular People Just Yell at TV Screen

Courtside confrontation.

Don't you wish you were Jay Z? Only he gets to confront a Clipper when he's grumpy about how the game is going. All you other Nets fans are just at home standing a foot away from the screen going, "Ahhh maaaan whaaat?!" and throwing Cheez-Its around the room. But Jay Z is taking action! Last night, the Clippers beat the Nets 105-95, a victory sealed when Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan ran the same pick-and-roll play four times in a row, and the Nets, because they are the Nets, did not do much to stop it. We're not sure what happened before this Vine starts ... it seems like Chris Paul and Jay Z are just grabbing each other's arms for dear life. And then Jay gets down to business: "You ran that same play four times in a row, man. What's that about?" Well, it's hard to say why the Clippers did that, but my guess is they were probably trying to win the basketball game.