Jon Bernthal and Cuba Gooding Jr. Break-Dance Battle, Which Is As Close to Punisher and O.J. Simpson Break-Dancing As the Universe Will Allow


Hypothetically, you could picture Punisher and O.J. Simpson doing anything you want, whenever you want, in the perverse sanctity of your own mind. (For example: fencing, sharing one long spaghetti noodle, paddling one of those swan boats around Boston’s Public Garden.) That being said, James Corden made it a lot easier on your imagination by inciting Daredevil’s Jon Bernthal and Cuba Gooding Jr. to bust some moves last night. The whole thing would make a wonderful dream sequence on The People v. O.J. Simpson. Seriously, why are there so few dream sequences on that show? And not a single dream ballet! Golden age of television, my ass.