Julia Roberts Will Produce and Star in New Thriller Fool Me Once, and You Should Expect Something Great Because, As an Actress, Roberts Has Experience Fooling People

Julia Roberts. Photo: JB Lacroix/WireImages

Julia Roberts is producing and starring in a thriller Fool Me Once, based on the newly published novel by Harlan Coben. And no, it's not about that haunting speech George W. Bush made. It's about a special ops pilot (Roberts) who returns home from war and sees something spooky on her nanny cam: her  2-year-old daughter playing with her husband, who was murdered just weeks prior. Poll time! What's more unsettling: A murdered guy coming back to life, or Julia Roberts pretending to be a special ops pilot? Hmm. To be fair, though, it's easier to imagine her as a special ops pilot than it was to imagine her as an ugly non-famous person in America's Sweethearts (a classic) or as a Charlotte, the spider, in Charlotte's Web. After all, she's a famous actress, not a spider. Get it together, guys!