Second Lego Batman Movie Trailer Features Incredible Reflexes, History, and the Fun, Wisecracking Batman That Still Isn’t Trying to Murder Superman


Sure, Batman’s parents were senselessly killed and the trauma led him to devote his life to a near-obsessive pursuit of justice, but that doesn’t mean he wants to talk about it! He wants to have fun: Roll the clip above for the second Lego Batman trailer, in which the teeny, tiny, irreverent Caped Crusader (voiced by Will Arnett) channels his inner Alec Baldwin and nearly ends Alfred. And then scope out the original trailer below to see the LEGO Bat send a breath of fresh, lobster-scented air wafting through HQ. It's all a nice, self-aware change of pace, since live-action Batman seems hell-bent on murdering Superman. That is what Batman v Superman is about, right? Batman just straight murdering Superman? Yeah, may be time to mix Batman up a little.

The movie hits theaters in 2017.