Moviegoers Pledge ‘Allegiant’ to Zootopia


Allegiant, the third and penultimate entry in the Divergent series, whose critical and commercial success has paled in comparison to its spiritual progenitor The Hunger Games, made $29 million its opening weekend, the lowest of the franchise so far. (For comparison, its two predecessors made over $52 million each.) Moviegoers instead pledged allegiance (get it?) to Zootopia, which has been breaking Disney records and usurped Pixar as the undefeated champ of animation. Zootopia made $38 million this week, passing the $200 million mark domestically. Globally, it's wrangled $591.7 million in only three weeks, just a hair behind the $591.8 million Tangled accrued during its entire run six years ago. Miracles From Heaven, which is not breaking records but has an admirable A+ CinemaScore, came in third, with a pious $15 million. Expect it to do well next weekend, too, with people celebrating Easter by going to the movies.

The Bronze, which has nothing to do with the beloved club frequented by the Scooby Gang in Buffy, earned a tin medal with its $421,434 haul, averaging $361 per screen. Midnight Special made $184,000 on five screens, averaging $36,800 per, the highest average of any film this week, while the acclaimed Krisha made $10,250 on two screens.