Preacher Has an Arseface a Mother Couldn’t Love


AMC's Seth Rogen–produced Preacher, which debuts on May 22, is one of the year's most hotly anticipated shows. The pilot garnered rave reviews, with much praise going to Joseph Gilgund's deadbeat Irish vampire. One character fans have been dying to see is Arseface, whose funny name and anus-y mouth belie his tragic story: Arseface, aka Eugene, has a racist redneck father who abuses him for trivial reasons, which leads to Eugene trying to emulate his hero Kurt Cobain by killing himself. He fails, and now has a butt for a mouth. His father is later forced to sodomize himself with his own severed penis, as penance. Ian Colletti, who plays Arseface, had to wear a prosthetic rig on his face, which Rogen said "fucking sucked," since they couldn't afford to CGI the anus to his face. It looks like Rogen & Co. are staying true to the profane comic's potty-mouthed sense of humor.