The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Phaedra Visits Apollo in Prison

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Turning Over a New Peach
Season 8 Episode 16
Editor’s Rating *****
Phaedra Parks. Photo: Bravo

Friendships! I missed y’all. After a week off, The Real Housewives of Atlanta is back. And I have to say, this episode is kind of lackluster. Granted, it’s hard to top the Jamaica trip. I guess I was just expecting more excitement.

The episode is plenty sobering, as Phaedra and her family continue to deal with the logistics of Apollo being in jail while she tries to move forward with a divorce. It was moving to watch, I just wish there were some lighter moments to balance out all the feels I was feeling. All in all, “Turning Over a New Peach” wasn’t a bad, just a little ho hum. Let’s get to it, shall we?

We begin with Todd, Kandi, and Mama Joyce. They’re seven weeks away from the baby’s birth, so they take a trip to the OB/GYN to get an update. We find out they’re having a boy. Woo! They’re excited and Dr. Jackie is dressed like Charlotte York on an Easter egg hunt. In short, I approve this cute outfit. In addition to looking great, Dr. Jackie is making things awkward by telling Kandi and Todd they can bone and even suggesting some positions to try. Mama Joyce is doing her best to not barf, but it’s difficult because Dr. Jackie goes, “YOU CAN BEND HER OVER THE KITCHEN SINK,” which causes Mama Joyce to be like:

As if to say, “Chile, not while I rinse my collards!” Dr. Jackie is doing too much and needs to chill the eff out. Thankfully, the subject changes to baby names. Kandi wants to name the kid Ace Wells Tucker. That name is trash and sounds like he’s going to grow up to do five-to-ten for insider trader, but okay. Anyway, the doc makes things awkward again by saying the “push” gift should be diamonds. I will never ever understand the obsession some people have with diamonds, but hey, if Todd has money to waste and it’s what Kandi wants, go for it.

Next, we check in with Kim. She’s Skyping with her manager to talk about upcoming directing work and about how much Kenya sucks. I agree. Moving on. Phaedra has her divorce lawyer, Ronne, over for dinner. Ronne, who is Jewish, brings Phae, who is not Jewish, a menorah. I pretty much want these two to have a spin-off series where they buy each other things the other will never use. Like Phaedra can give Ronne a #BlackExcellence T-shirt or Carol’s Daughter shea-butter lotion. Anyhoo, the divorce has been filed and Apollo has been transferred to Fort Dix, which is more child friendly, so it seems like Phaedra will feel more comfortable bringing the kids there? Who knows. She still hasn’t really told her sons that their dad is in prison, which is understandable. This is so heartbreaking, y’all.

Kenya and Matt are checking out the renovations on her house. It seems like he’s in it to win it, so Kenya has him meet Aunt Lori. The two seem to get along well, which is nice because Kenya values Lori’s opinion so much. Wait. Lori’s not completely sold on him because he’s younger and because Kenya usually dates dudes with lots of money. Oh. Maybe Kenya is turning over a new leaf? Seems that way. She’s being way less baby crazy, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for these two.

We catch up with Porsha and Lauren. Lauren comes to visit and I guess she’s still her sister’s assistant. Porsha clearly needs help because her two dogs are pooping all over the house. Porsha is convinced that raising two dogs is like raising two children. Cut to every mom in America:

Back to why Lauren is there. Porsha is starting a line called Naked Lingerie and they discuss details for the photoshoot since Lauren is going on maternity leave and won’t be there for it. They check in with the creative director and he’s like, “No overly big booty girls.” UGH. Shut. Up. Not everyone needs to be a size two to sell clothes. I hate this dude. Thankfully, another meeting happens between Cynthia and Kim, and it rinses the sexism out of my mouth. Kim shows Cyn a rough cut of the commercial and Cyn loves it. I have to say, it does look cute and fun. Then, the topic of conversation turns to Kim’s husband, Chris. Kim has moved on from the foolishness and appreciates that Cyn didn’t participate in the gossip. And frankly, I’m tired of hearing about it, so I’m glad that Kim does not want to keep the drama going.

Back to Kandi. Phaedra puts on her finest fur shawl to visit. Are they friends again? I can never tell with these two. I feel like if the cameras weren’t there, there would be no drama. Unlike the trip to Jamaica, which Phaedra tells her all about because it was chock full of drama. Kandi is surprised that NeNe was there, that Cyn denied the close friendship with Kenya, and that NeNe and Sheree are friends. Join. Da. Club. Up is down, left is right, and hot pockets are filet mignon. Nothing makes sense.

It is now the day of the photo shoot, and I’m happy to see that curvy models are there. Also, Cynthia is going to be a part of it. Cool, but maybe Porsha should be hanging out less with her friend because the shoot is two-and-half hours behind schedule, and they still haven’t taken photos outside, which needs to happen because the sun is setting. Look, I’ve done a fair amount of photo shoots, and unless a model looks like Rocky Dennis from Mask, there is no reason why it should take two-and-a-half hours to get hair and makeup done on one person. Thankfully, things get going and all the photos look amazing, but the sun has already set. So now they have to shoot indoors and I’m laughing because this plot is super weak, dude. Where’s NeNe to spice things up?

Well, there’s no spice, but there is some real-life ish going on. Phae and the kids are in Philly, so it seems like they’re taking a little family trip to see the sights and sneak in a trip to visit Apollo. Phaedra tells her mom that she’s not going to let the kids know they’re going to see their dad until they get to the jail. That way, if they can’t get into the prison facility, then Dylan and Ayden won’t be disappointed because they were never hip to the plan from the jump. This seems like a pretty fail-proof plan to me. The next morning, Phae, Dylan, and Ayden head to Fort Dix. They are allowed in, but we don’t see what happens inside because the facility doesn’t allow cameras, which is for the best. Some things should remain private. Afterwards, we find out the kids weren’t super excited to be there. I think they were probably confused about everything that was happening. We also learn that Apollo doesn’t want a divorce, but Phaedra is ready to move on with her life. Oof. Trying not to tear up here, folks.

Meanwhile, Kenya and Matt have a date night. I really like him. And he really likes Kenya, so something must be off about him. Just kidding, but I’m kind of serious. Kenya is also getting serious because she’s asking him the tough questions to see if he’s ready to settle down. He’s ready to get married and have kids in the next couple of years. Whoa! He might be the one because that’s also what she wants. Aww!

Alrighty, what did you think of this episode? Anyone else a little underwhelmed? What are your thoughts on bringing kids to prisons?

RHOA Recap: Phaedra Visits Apollo in Prison