New York’s Hottest Club Is Hell’s Club. It Has Everything: Groot, 3 James Bonds, Howard the Duck, All Mashed-Up Together


Hell's Club is a place where all your favorite film characters come together to party. Filmmaker Antonio Maria da Silva masterfully edited characters from different movies together into one long scene in a nightclub called Hell's Club. This video is a follow up on the original Hell's Club video, released in August, and it even has an appropriate sequel name: Hell's Club Part Two: Another Night. You'll see three different James Bonds, Austin Powers, Groot, Carrie, C-3PO, RoboCop, Hunter S. Thompson, Sandy and Danny from Grease, and more, bathed in red light and dancing like there's no tomorrow. We're looking forward to Hell's Club 7, a.k.a He77's C7ub.