Former Bush Counsel Creates Website to Fact-check HBO’s Confirmation; Former Bush Counsel Has Too Much Time on Hands

Kerry Washington as Anita Hill. Photo: HBO

Mark Paoletta, a former assistant counsel to George W. Bush (and self-proclaimed personal friend of Clarence Thomas), has started a website,, where he will document what he calls the "false narratives" in the upcoming HBO movie Confirmation. Paoletta claims that the film, about Anita Hill's (Kerry Washington) sexual-harassment claims against Thomas, is biased against the Supreme Court judge. Paoletta says he will now “devote himself” to fact-checking and correcting what he believes the "pro-Hill" film has gotten wrong. According to The Washington Post, the website will consist of "documents, video footage and other content about the real-life hearings." Paoletta hasn't spoken to his BFF Clarence Thomas about this whole thing, but maybe Thomas will come across the blog on his own while Googling himself.