Alexander Hamilton’s Real-Life Descendants Talk Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton

So Ham-some. Getty Images

Since the success of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton on Broadway, Alexander Hamilton's real-life relatives are getting a taste of that sweet, sweet celeb life. "There has never been a better time to be a Hamilton descendant," said Doug Hamilton, a fifth great-grandson of the Alexander Hamilton. That can't be true. What about the year that ... Or, uh, hmm, even that one time where ... Gosh! He's right! This is the time, Hamilton family! Weeks after the musical opened, eight members of the Ham Fam (we're making that a thing) spanning three generations joined together at the New-York Historical Society's annual fund-raiser to meet Lin-Manuel. Jealous yet? Well, don't get too jealous. While the Ham Fam has been fielding ticket requests for the musical, third great-grandson 80-year-old David Hamilton Rhinelander hasn't even seen the show yet because he doesn't want to pay $1,000 for a ticket. Seems like he should be getting some sort of discount, but not to worry — he did see some clips and declare, "A hip-hop Hamilton is quite a thing!" Indeed. Indeed it is. Read the full story and see a photo of the Ham Fam in The Hollywood Reporter.