Drake and Jared Leto Play ‘Never Have I Ever,’ With Hilariously Predictable Results


The good thing about Drake being so open about his personal life in his music is that it's super-easy to beat him in a game of "Never Have I Ever." Never have I gotten in a fight at Cheesecake Factory. Never have I ever gotten up at 5 a.m. to shoot Degrassi up at Morningside. Never have I ever dated a girl named Courtney who worked at Hooters on Peachtree. Never have I ever left the city and wondered if my ex was bending over backwards for someone else, wondered if they're rolling up a backwoods for someone else, doing things I taught them, getting nasty for someone else. Oh, and if Jared Leto's there, just ask questions about waxing. Boom, you've beat them, just like that.