Turn: Washington’s Spies Finally Had the Balls to Introduce Alexander Hamilton


AMC's Revolutionary War drama Turn: Washington's Spies has been steadfastly avoiding introducing Alexander Hamilton, seemingly in fear of drawing comparisons to that other project. Well, now they've finally nutted up and done it: As EW reports, Monday's episode will bring the future treasury secretary into the mix. Played by former extra Sean Haggerty, Turn's Hamilton appears in his capacity as George Washington's right-hand man as the duo crosses paths with Benedict Arnold, a real historical event that was left out of the musical thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda's absolute hatred of egg puns. Lafayette is there too, although he doesn't rap super-fast, or at all, in this one. Now if only the series could find a way to make time for Hercules Mulligan (takes deep breath), a tailor spying on the British government, he takes the measurements and information and then he smuggles it up to his brother's revolutionary covenant; he's running with the Sons of Liberty and he is loving it. See, that's what happens when you're up against the ruffians — we're in the shit now, somebody's got to shovel it. Hercules Mulligan, he needs no introduction, when you knock him down he gets the fuck back up again! (Passes out.)