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You Can Now Bid on a Lock of David Bowie’s Hair at Auction, Add It to Your Shrine

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Should you find yourself at Beverly Hills’ Heritage Auction this coming weekend, you’ll have an opportunity to bid on David Bowie’s hair, which is expected to fetch over $4,000. The lock was procured back in 1983 by Wendy Farrier, a wigmaker at Madame Tussaud’s who snipped the hair sample for reference while creating an uncanny, lifelike Ziggy Stardust for their London museum. While the portion is just a small, blond lock, it’ll be the perfect addition to your shrine to the rock star. As you stroke the strawlike sample, remember all 50 years of those iconic hairstyles that now seem so much more real than any old GIF. That being said, in case you don’t have four grand lying around, here’s that GIF.


David Bowie’s Hair Is Up for Auction