Grace and Frankie Season Finale Recap: Best Friends Forever

Jane Fonda as Grace, Lily Tomlin as Frankie.
Jane Fonda as Grace, Lily Tomlin as Frankie. Photo: Karen Ballard/Netflix
Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie

The Coup Season 2 Episode 13
Editor's Rating 4 stars

We’ve reached the end of a wonderful ride. After Babe’s memorial service, Grace and Frankie return home, where Babe’s ashes will forever live in the samovar whose ownership she and Grace argued about. Babe always knew how to get the last laugh.

The memorial riled up some emotions in Grace and she doesn’t know exactly how to deal with them. She’s sad about Babe and Phil and just things in general. Babe knew what she wanted, but Grace feels adrift. (She can’t even use her samovar.) Frankie discovers that Babe left them some thank-you gifts behind. Babe gave Frankie the brushes Picasso used to paint his masterpiece — and if they’re not legit, take some solace in the fact that Babe banged two Spaniards to get them. In addition to the brushes, Babe also booked a gallery space for a Frankie B. retrospective! Frankie has a month to get her works ready for the show.

Babe gave Grace a vibrator. HAHAHA. “This is even better than drinking. It won’t make your face puffy and it won’t break your heart.” Babe, you fucking rock. We hardly knew ye and your shout-acting. Grace reveals that she’s never used anything other than a man’s penis to get off. I agree, Frankie, this explains sooo much. Grace can’t read the instructions and needs a magnifying glass to find out if the vibrator is dishwasher safe.

Frankie heads to her studio. With the words of Babe on the wall above her to guide her — “Get Crackin’ Toots” — she’s already completed a portrait of Babe surrounded by flowers and Grace as “Count Drinkula,” which will definitely be my next Halloween Costume. Frankie calls Sol to get back a painting she describes as her “Guernica.” It’s called “Hitler’s Circumcision,” and it was purchased by a one Mr. Kenny Loggins. Kenny Loggins is the man who legitimized her as an artist. Unfortunately, Sol invented the Kenny Loggins lore: He pretended to purchase Frankie’s painting and just hid it in the garage. Sol is conflicted but Robert just tells him to dig it out and say that Kenny Loggins sends his regards. Well, this can only end well.

After Grace ices her wrist from “her arthritis,” the whole dysfunctional family heads to Chez Solbert for Bud’s leap year birthday. He’s turning 8! Coyote brings a children’s birthday cake and Brianna says she couldn’t find any pre-pubescent presents at the store. Dang, this family is hard on Bud. When Grace arrives, she notices a stack of boxes in the dining room. Robert tells her that he had their housekeeper sort out some of Grace’s old things in preparation for Sol and Robert’s move.

Sol gives Frankie “Hitler’s Circumcision,” but Frankie keeps on pressing him for Kenny Loggins’ contact info. Sol won’t give up some imaginary phone number, so Frankie excuses herself to call Kenny’s fave BBQ spots. Mallory tells Robert that Mitch was just freaking out about the arrival of their twins, so he’s getting some alone time. That’s not selfish at all. Grace asks if she can help Mallory get some stress off her chest or give her advice. After all, Grace has certainly been there. Mallory tells her that Sol and Robert were very helpful and it’s better to get advice from the conman and not the dupe. Ouch. Grace is understandably hurt.

When Coyote finds an e-mail for Mr. Loggins online, Sol comes clean to Frankie in private. He made the whole thing up to give her a boost. He tells Frankie that he did see her painting, but Frankie can’t get over the fact that she told everyone about the painting and its sale to national treasure and gentle songbird Kenny Loggins. That story was everything to her.

As she soothes her pain with a 12-olive, sugar-rimmed martini, Grace admits that the only person who cared about her in that house is the housekeeper. You know, the one who sorted her things out. She also admits that her injury is vibrator-related. The grip of the vibrator is all wrong; there just aren’t vibrators out there for older ladies. Frankie runs down lots of different kinds. Does Grace need one that’s more vertical? How much thrusting? Maybe a gel-sleeve grip like knitting needles? Grace heads off to the dining room to check out what’s in the boxes. In one of them, she finds loads of jewelry with “thoughtful” notes from Robert: “Thinking of you.” “Just because.” “Happy Anniversary.”

Grace storms into the living room and throws the box down on the coffee table. Robert insists he was just being prepared for all occasions, but Grace sees them for what they are: a box of treats to manage her or calm her down. They aren’t personal. They are “a jar of treats for a dog.” Robert doesn’t understand the problem. He buys her a gift, she’s mad; he doesn’t buy her a gift, she’s mad. Grace says she never understood their marriage until now. Robert never loved her. He thought he had to manage her and keep her quiet. Brianna just wants to know if the jewelry is up for grabs.

Frankie decides now is the time to jump on this call-out train. She feels humiliated and Bud tries to tell her that Sol’s heart was in the right place. Sol humored her; Robert tried to streamline affection. Frankie lays it all out — just because they thought they were being nice doesn’t mean they were nice. Coyote brings up Grace’s drunken outbursts to calm her down and Frankie jumps to her defense. Neither of them will be silenced or shamed by their children! This is Grace and Frankie’s version of screaming about how they will mount the world from atop a dragon. Brianna never acknowledged that Frankie’s lube was the first new idea Say Grace has had since Brianna took over, so she can’t also steal their newest idea: vibrators for women of a certain age. Their blood doesn’t flow as easily! Their genital tissue is sensitive! They deserve orgasms!

They’re sick and tired of being dismissed and they won’t stand for it anymore. They walk out like fucking bosses.

On the beach, Grace and Frankie sit with Babe’s ashes and wonder what the future will hold for them. They can do anything they want, so they’re gonna make easy-grip vibrators and cute panties for women with bladder issues. They accidentally knock over Babe’s ashes and spread them on the beach. Best friends forever!

Grace and Frankie Recap: Best Friends Forever