Harry Styles Is Officially Going Solo

Photo: FREDERIC J. BROWN/This content is subject to copyright.

Big day for Brits and splits! Tried as you might to ignore the warning signs, you knew this was coming: Harry Styles, once of One Direction, is going in another direction, and that direction is solo. Billboard confirmed the splintered boy band's latest crack, revealing that Styles has signed a recording contract with Columbia Records, the same label attached to 1D. The band, taking its cues from Ross Geller, has been on a "break" for about a year. There are no details on a timeline for Styles's solo effort yet, so, for the time now, let's just assume you'll have the appropriate time to grieve. Styles is, of course, the second member of One Direction to venture into lonelier pastures, so whether he's the JT to Zayn Malik's JC Chasez or the Jeff Timmons of the group, only time will tell.