Hey Hollywood, You Should Know About Michaela Myers


Written and produced by Andra Whipple and Lauren Davis, and directed by Hannah Bowens, Under the Table  follows three down-on-their-luck women (Cindy Chu, Maggie Monk, and Michaela Myers) who bootstrap a bootlegging business to make rent. In Davis’s words:

This series was born out of frustration with the lack of diverse female representation in the media. We wanted to see women who were multidimensional: smart, lazy, aggressive, flawed, and funny. The most amazing part was the collaboration we had between so many talented women both on and off the camera.

With over 155,000 downloads so far, Under the Table has certainly been successful in doing that while, perhaps somewhat unintentionally, introducing us to two new elements we haven’t seen a bunch of in digital comedy to date. The first is original BitTorrent series, which are rapidly becoming another outlet for creators. The second is, Michaela Myers, whose performance absolutely blew me away. Casting directors in Los Angeles, here’s a tip: hire her before you can’t anymore.

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Hey Hollywood, You Should Know About Michaela Myers