Gather Your Marshmallows and Hide: Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle Is Coming to Comedy Central

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Lip Sync Battle, what have ye wrought? Comedy Central is jumping onto the battle bandwagon (a tank?) with Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle, a show that will wring mayhem from the orderly ritual of comedians aligning against common foes. According to Entertainment Weekly, Roast Battle will be a "mano a mano 'Thunderdome' comedy event in which two competitors hurl wickedly funny insults at each other." Ross, a veteran of Comedy Central's civilized celebrity roasts, will MC the show, joined by referee/comedian Brian Moses and a panel of "all-star" judges. Lest you think "battle" a merely semantic choice, Ross pitches the show as, "Think Fight Club for comedians where anything goes," although evidently with a laxer first rule. Ross, in the X-Games of hyperbole, also called the show "the Olympics of insults." Roast Battle will film at Montreal’s Just for Laughs festival, airing as a four-part special at the end of July. So, about that bit where sticks and stones break bones but words never hurt? Idiom, meet the bitter edge.