Kate Beckinsale Defends Her Daughter’s Right to Google Pictures of Her Dad, Michael Sheen, Naked


We all have our hills to die on, and Kate Beckinsale’s is a curious one. Apparently, when Beckinsale’s daughter Lily is feeling down, she and Beckinsale have a little ritual: Google naked pictures of Michael Sheen, acclaimed actor and, oh yeah, Lily’s father, and text them to each other. To be fair, Beckinsale’s full-throttle defense of the habit is a good one. Per Beckinsale, “It’s funny!” So hush up, you righteous prudes! It’s time to stop harshing Kate and Lily’s good fun with your lame-o hang-ups and to start taking a more proactive approach. Step one: Figure out how to get in on that texting chain.

Beckinsale’s Kid Looks at Naked Pics of Her Dad