The Neon Demon: Watch This Eerie, Exclusive Clip


We told you out of Cannes that The Neon Demon is this summer's wildest movie, and as we draw close to the film's June 24 release date, you'll soon be able to see for yourself. But in the meantime, enjoy this exclusive clip that basically sums the movie up: Young Jessie (Elle Fanning) is a fledgling model who's just aced a go-see, one of many beauty-based triumphs to come for her; in the bathroom afterward, she's confronted by modeling veteran Sarah (wild-eyed Abbey Lee, who gives the film's breakout performance), whose career is starting to flatline just as Jessie becomes ascendant. Sarah pushes Jessie to articulate her newfound power, and just when it seems like the two of them might be sharing a significant moment ... Sarah lunges! What does she have in mind, and what happens next? Considering that the film is from mischievous provocateur Nicolas Winding Refn, you know that practically anything is on the table, and that Elle Fanning had better watch out.