Orange Is the New Black and the Half-Reboot


On this week’s episode of the Vulture TV Podcast, we’re thrilled to welcome Vulture’s new TV columnist Jen Chaney to the podcast. For our first show as a trio, Gazelle, Matt, and Jen discuss series that half-reboot their concept from season to season. We’ve talked a lot about anthology series, which take on an entirely new story each season, but the shows we look at here are doing something in more of a grey area, where they keep the same concept, but make enough changes that it can feel somewhat like a new show (See: UnREAL). Plus, we talk Orange Is the New Black’s new season — what we liked, what we didn’t, with a particular emphasis on the heavy plot twist at the end of the season.

Further reading: Jen on how OITNB season four challenges us to sympathize with aggressors; does OITNB fall into the "Bury Your Gays" trope?; our OITNB recaps.

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