Pacific Rim 2 Eyes Scott Eastwood for Big Role

Photo: Rochelle Brodin/Getty Images

John Boyega is getting a new bud: Scott Eastwood is being eyed to star alongside the Star Wars actor in Pacific Rim 2. According to Deadline, Eastwood is being looked at for a "key role" in the franchise sequel, although the nature of the role is unspecified. The potential casting is interesting for a couple of reasons. For one, Eastwood is Hawaii-raised, and don't ya just love a sequel with some gritty geographic realism? And two, have we mentioned how Pacific Rim 2 is really, actually, finally happening? Because Eastwood's involvement sure is a good excuse to dredge up that well. The follow-up to Guillermo del Toro's robots v. alien-sea-monsters movie has even nabbed a release date, coming to a theater near you (unless you're in China — Pacific Rim 2 is not coming to China) on February 18, 2018. Eastwood's casting isn't official yet, but once it is, head over to what will surely be del Toro's one-man congrats Twitter.