Wayward Pines Recap: A Better Tomorrow

WAYWARD PINES: L-R: Djimon Hounsou and guest star Shannyn Sossamon in the
Djimon Hounsou as C.J. Mitchum, Shannyn Sossamon as Theresa Burke. Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/FOX
Wayward Pines

Wayward Pines

Sound the Alarm Season 2 Episode 5
Editor's Rating 3 stars

A lot of bombshells are dropped in “Sound the Alarm,” as some characters come clean with damning secrets, while others prefer to keep things close to the vest.

Let’s start with Rebecca, since we finally discovered how important she is to the Wayward Pines universe. It turns out she’s more than the town’s beauty-salon owner — she designed the whole damn town! As we saw in the prologue, Rebecca gets a visit from David Pilcher himself, who invites her out for dinner so he can discuss this new project he’s launching. He macks the hell out of her by pulling out her old Harvard thesis and telling her she’ll have “a legacy beyond compare” if she’ll build a whole city for him.

With Rebecca not being respected at work (a project was taken away from her) as well as her husband, Yedlin, being less than supportive about her mapping out this utopia, of course she’s willing to work with Pilcher and his crew. Eventually, she gets second thoughts when Pilcher informs her of his 2,000-year plan to rebuild society. Unfortunately, Rebecca was dragged into the future against her will, waking up to find herself being driven around in the town she designed. Although Xander (the first person she met when she awoke) tells her she was knocked unconscious during that storm in Hawaii, she believes she was kidnapped.

Speaking of Xander, both he and Rebecca had a surprise for Yedlin when he came back home: She didn’t tell her husband that she’s practically responsible for them ending up in Wayward Pines, and Xander reveals that he and Rebecca were married for a year. (DUN-DUN-DUNNNN!) Even though she says they haven’t been together for six months and she thought Yedlin was dead to begin with, he doesn’t take the news well. He drops his wedding ring on the table right before popping Xander square in the jaw. Yeah, that was unnecessary.

Rebecca isn’t the only one with home-wrecking news. While they were still outside the fence with C.J. and his squad, hairy-ass Hassler tells Theresa, who is still grieving over the death of her son, Ben, that the reason he sent Burke into the future is because he wanted Ethan gone so he could have Theresa all to himself. That’s some messed-up news to give, especially after ol’ girl just lost her son. Hassler pleads for Theresa’s forgiveness, which she rightfully doesn’t give, but he also tells her not to give up on life, since she says she’d rather stay outside with her son (and most likely die) than go back behind that fence.

Back inside the Pines, it seems kids haven’t been told about homosexuality because Lucy’s big bro, Frank, starts thinking he’s a sick mess for not wanting to get it on with a girl. As we witnessed during that awkward-on-so-many-levels scene in which he and a girl are together in the “procreation room” (where a cheesy, lounge version of “Let’s Fall in Love” plays in the background), Frankie wasn’t up to the challenge. And when Yedlin bluntly asks him if he’s gay, at first Frank thinks he meant “happy.” He gets agitated when Yedlin brings up same-sex attraction and tells Frank that if he can’t do the wild thing with girls, he’s as good as dead. But his little sister is there to console him later, promising she’ll protect him.

I almost forgot about the goddamn female abbie! Yes, the abbie that spooked Frank at the end of last week’s episode is a woman — although we wouldn’t have known, since the show strategically blurred out her naughty bits. It turns out this abbie (whom one of the lab employees nicknamed Margaret, after an ex-girlfriend who deserved an apology) is calmer and more serene than the male abbies. Interestingly, the male abbies also get calmer and more serene when she shows up. No one knows how the hell she got on the premises; Higgins (remember that jerk?) even went to Rebecca’s salon to grill her about how her fence might possibly be not-so-impenetrable. It seems Margaret might also possess some telepathic abilities, as we see some abbies getting less amped after torching a cornfield, while Margaret is back at the research facility, looking quietly controlling.

“Alarm” efficiently had me wondering what the hell will happen next week. Will Yedlin and Rebecca repair their already-broken marriage? Will Rebecca tell him about how they both got to the Pines? Will they work things out with Xander and form a three-way union? Is Margaret really the queen bee of the abbies? Will she corral them all and lead a revolt? Will Leon come out of the closet? Will Hassler shave all that damn hair? Man, this show really is turning out to be a soap opera after all.

Stray Thoughts:

  • Although he’s supposed to be this season’s White Knight, Yedlin is quite the arrogant prick. He practically strong-arms his way into the scientific-research team, anointing himself as head of the team (and, of course, pissing off Fisher in the process) because he says he knows more than everyone else. It makes you wonder: If Yedlin weren’t such an unsupportive husband, would they even be in this mess?
  • Rebecca may have included a beer garden in the town’s designs, but that still doesn’t explain how the Pines has so much alcohol, especially when we catch Xander making himself a milkshake and throwing some whiskey in there.
  • Seeing a reflective, semi-disillusioned Fisher confide to Margaret before snapping out of it and realizing she’s talking to “an animal” briefly made me think there’s still some soul left in that demented ball of spiteful self-righteousness. (Shout-out to Hope Davis for this week’s performance.)
  • Fisher may have been right alongside Pilcher in the flashbacks — she even does her eye-closing/nodding thing when he pontificates about his wonderful plan — but where the hell was Pam? The show couldn’t afford Melissa Leo for one more episode?
  • Was Pilcher always this pretentious when it came to wine?
  • I loved that moment when Pilcher told Rebecca she might know him from his book and she flashed him a look that said, “No bitch, I don’t! Who are you?”
  • In case you were wondering, that Octagon City story Pilcher and Rebecca were talking about really happened.
  • What was up with that amusing, shade-throwing moment between Kerry and Arlene? It made me wonder if Kerry was the one who signed off on Arlene’s shock treatment at the top of the season.
  • Doesn’t that silly-ass procreation guide remind you of the board from Candy Land?  

Wayward Pines Recap: A Better Tomorrow