The BBC Dreamed a Dream of a Les Misérables TV Event Series, Now It’s Come True

Who would you cast? Photo: Universal Pictures

One day more Les Miz will be back on TV: The BBC and the Weinstein Co. have paired to adapt Les Misérables for a TV event. With their voices soft as thunder as they tear your hope apart, the six-part series, to be written by Andrew Davies, will be an adaptation of Victor Hugo's classic novel and not the award-winning musical. Shame! Back in the '60s, the BBC had a mini-series based on Les Miz, but this is the first notable English-language TV version of the French epic in some 16 years. (Telemundo aired its own semi-modern spin on the story between 2014 and 2015.) This will be the Weinstein Co.'s second collaboration with the BBC on a classic tale, after their adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's War & Peace earlier this year. As with that series, Les Miz will debut first in the U.K. and then air in the U.S. and China. Let the fancasting begin!