Hey Millennials, Let Ben Schwartz Tell You How to Date Not Like a Total Idiot in His New Book

Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Somewhere between singing nonstop songs during guest appearances on Comedy Bang! Bang! and popping up in movies with other comedians, Ben Schwartz is taking on a new project: co-writing an illustrated guide to dating for Millennials. Entertainment Weekly reports that the actor is teaming up with his friend, television writer Laura Moses, for a book titled Things You Should Already Know, You Fucking Idiot. Though Schwartz is probably best known as loveable-scamp/mostly harmless douche Jean-Ralphio on Parks and Recreation, this is actually his fourth book. Previously, he and Amanda McNally penned such classics as Grandma’s Dead: Breaking Bad News With Baby Animals; Maybe Your Leg Will Grow Back!: Looking on the Bright Side With Baby Animals; and Why Is Daddy in a Dress?: Asking Awkward Questions With Baby Animals. Presumably this book will feature less big-eyed small critters, unless one of its first points is “Things you should already know: People like staring at cute animals, you fucking idiot.”

Ben Schwartz Is Co-Writing a Dating Guide