Beware the Unkempt Beasts — No, Not John C. Reilly’s Hair — in New Trailer for Kong: Skull Island


The new Kong: Skull Island trailer starts off tranquil enough, like the Aloha sequel you never knew you wanted to dare to ask for. But then, well, there’s a “monster” — King Kong — and once everyone’s like, oh, he’s not so bad, there are a bunch more dangerous monsters, so things get stressful in a hurry. The new trailer is the latest glimpse of Kong, which hits theaters in March, after Warner Bros. gave Comic-Con-goers a first look. But about this trailer: Tom Hiddleston is in it, John C. Reilly has a huge part as comic relief, and Brie Larson needs a hair tie. Check it out above, with the Comic-Con peek below.

Check Out the New Trailer for Kong: Skull Island