All’s Fair in Love and Rap in the New Trailer for Donald Glover’s Atlanta


Blink those eyes on open, because today's the start of a new day — a day of Donald Glover's Atlanta finally being a vital force in our lives. The two trailers for Glover's FX dramedy series which he created and executive-produced  about the titular city's hip-hop scene have now debuted. In the original teaser, below, Glover wakes up. Then, once he awakens, he wakes up again ... and again ... and again. But in the first full trailer, above, we get a bit more narrative context: Glover's failed-artist character, Earnest "Earn" Marks, discovers that his cousin, Paperboy, is an on-the-rise and popular Atlanta rapper. Earn successfully convinces Paperboy to serve as his manager, and the beginning of a beautiful(ly) crazy partnership ensues. After three years in development hibernation, Atlanta premieres September 6. Remember: It'll be like Twin Peaks ... but with rappers!