Rose McGowan Directed Yoko Ono’s Trippy ‘Catman’ Remix Music Video, and All That’s Missing Is a Laser Pointer


The feline force is strong indeed in the music video for Miike Snow's remix of Yoko Ono's "Catman." Directed by Rose McGowan, the video includes no men, just a lot of women, one of whom is extra "catty." The women featured are predominantly over the age of 60, a conscious choice made by McGowan. She explained to Rolling Stone: "Yoko Ono has been an ardent supporter of women and modern dance for years ... Casting women dancers over 60, including one with cancer, was my way of showing that vitality doesn't die with age." Watch the video above. It's ... a lot, so try to focus on the art and keep those feline urges to hide under a bed until the commotion passes at bay.