The ‘Best’ Erection of Liev Schreiber’s Life Happened While He Was Doing the Foxtrot With Steve Martin


Some actors embrace the absurdity of shooting intimate scenes and have a blast. Others find the experience awful. And more still have the kind of special time that becomes perfect fodder for late-night interviews. Liev Schreiber revealed on Monday’s Conan that he had the “best” erection of his life while making a movie. His scene partner? His “curmudgeonly” dance partner Steve Martin in 1994’s Mixed Nuts. Apparently, Schreiber and Martin were preparing to rehearse a scene where their characters do the foxtrot, when Schreiber jinxed himself right good. He explained: “I thought to myself, I sort of chuckled to myself, ‘Boy, wouldn’t this be inappropriate if I, you know, became aroused?’ … So, of course, I get probably the best [erection] I’ve ever had in my life. And I’m mortified, because we haven’t even shook hands yet, and already … And every time he spins me, it’s fwak, right into his leg.” And everybody always says Hollywood types are so cold and impersonal.

Schreiber’s ‘Best’ Boner Was Near Steve Martin