Zendaya Might Be Flying and Swinging Into a Circus Musical to Play a Trapeze Artist

Photo: Angela Weiss/Getty Images

At this point, The Greatest Showman on Earth should seriously think about renaming itself The Most Good-Looking Circus Performers on Earth. (Too much?) Following Michelle Williams and Zac Efron entering talks to star in the long-gestating circus musical, THR reports that Zendaya is also in negotiations to portray a trapeze artist in the film. The trio would join the previously confirmed (and perfectly cast) Hugh Jackman, who is headlining as P.T. Barnum while also, in a very Barnum move, serving as a producer. Zendaya would be the love interest for Efron, a playwright who becomes a confidant of the circus magnate, while Williams would play the love interest of Barnum himself. Go check out some Cirque du Soleil in preparation, Z.