L.A. Law Might Be Getting a 2017 Reboot

Photo: NBC/Getty Images

Long before How to Get Away With Murder or even Ally McBeal made practicing law sexy (and even a little dangerous), NBC’s 1980s megahit L.A. Law established the template for the modern legal drama (and made stars out of actors Jimmy Smits, Debi Mazar, Blair Underwood, and Harry Hamlin, as well as producer David E. Kelley). Now, co-creator Steven Bochco is looking to return to the hallways of McKenzie,  Brackman, Chaney, and Kuzak, teaming up with former Law writer and executive producer William Finkelstein for a possible reboot of the show. Even as fans wait for L.A. Law to finally start streaming somewhere, a 20th Century Fox Television spokesman tells Vulture there are “early discussions” about a reboot taking place, confirming what Bochco told talk-show host Rich Eisen yesterday during an appearance to promote his new memoir. The producer said he’s been asked several times over the years to do a Law remake, but, save for a 2002 reunion movie, he’s always resisted. Finkelstein called Bochco earlier this year to revisit the idea, “And again, [I] said, ‘No, I’m not interested,'” Bochco told Eisen. “He pushed back and said the law that’s relevant in 2016 didn’t even exist 30 years ago. There are so many legal aspects to our society which weren’t even in play then.” That was enough to spark renewed discussions with 20th, which controls the rights to the show, and to lead Bochco and Finkelstein to begin work on a pilot script targeted for the 2017–18 development season. While Bochco says it’s possible a few of the original cast members might return, he indicated the idea centers around a mostly new gang of lawyers. Maybe Roz and Leland had a secret baby before this happened?