UCB Comedy Travels Through Time to Review the Year 2016


It’s “2016 Week” at UCB Comedy, a high-concept takeover by something called Stream H, “the premiere history channel of the 33rd century.” Stream H, purportedly broadcasting from the year 3205, has been releasing a series of investigative reports looking back on the insanity of 2016 to UCB’s YouTube channel, exploring some of the most defining trends of our time in an attempt to figure out WTF was/is wrong with all of us.

In a week’s worth of interviews, animations, and special reports, the Stream H crew (led by wonderfully mustachioed, futuristic newscaster Dan Dik) has been counting down to 2016 Week’s main event: the live-streamed thawing of one of our cryogenically frozen peers.

The experimental series comes from UCB digital team Cardinal Goose, which includes writer Caroline Haubold (Billy on the Street, Hack My Life) and performances from theatre mainstays like Sue Galloway (30 Rock), Brandon Scott Jones (Broad City), Diana Kolsky (Menage A Trois Radio), and Boris Khaykin (CollegeHumor).

Sound intriguing? Rest assured that it’s just as weird and wonderful as it sounds. You can celebrate the ancient past (which is actually our current reality) over on UCB Comedy’s 2016 week playlist.

UCB Comedy Travels Through Time to Review the Year 2016