Here Is the Trailer for Dev Patel’s Family Drama Lion, the Reason You Are Now Sobbing


Honestly, maybe you should just go watch the trailer for Lion on the toilet, so fewer of your co-workers will see you crying this hard. The Weinstein Company is out for Oscars this year and they are not kidding around with Lion, which stars Dev Patel, Rooney Mara, and Nicole Kidman and premieres November 25. Patel stars as Saroo Brierley, an Australian businessman who was separated from his family in India as a child and adopted by a white Australian couple. Twenty years later, he begins searching for his birth home using Google Earth. Brierley penned a book about his search, A Long Way Home, and discussed his journey with Vanity Fair, but you will have to read both of those at home, as you are currently sobbing so hard, you have to resign.