Doug Stanhope’s ‘No Place Like Home’ Hits Seeso Today


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Doug Stanhope is one of the darkest and most brutally hilarious comedians working today. An abrasive, blunt, self-described anarchist who knocks the wind out of sacred cows and political figures, Stanhope is the closest thing today’s world has got to comedy mavericks like Lenny Bruce or Bill Hicks.

Debuting on Seeso today, Stanhope’s stand up special, No Place Like Home couldn’t come up at a better time. Incensed by the American political landscape, Stanhope says that the special was inspired by “equal amounts of anger, outrage, and alcohol” as he “rails against Western civilization’s slide into apathy and stupidity.” Topics of Stanhope’s seething rage-meets-crisp commentary special include ISIS, the Duggars, military veterans, Caitlyn Jenner, and even Robin Williams. Shot in his hometown of Bisbee, Arizona, No Place Like Home is Stanhope’s first special since 2013’s Beer Hall Putsch and the release of his memoir Digging Up Mother early this year.

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Doug Stanhope’s ‘No Place Like Home’ Hits Seeso Today