Jorma Taccone Confirms ‘MacGruber 2’ Is in the Works


It’s been over six years since MacGruber premiered in theaters, and today, director and co-writer Jorma Taccone confirmed some wonderful news: MacGruber 2 is officially happening.

Here’s what Forte told us about the sequel in our interview with him last year:

As far as MacGruber 2, we were gonna write it a couple months after it just bombed massively. We’re still always thinking about writing a second one just because we didn’t care what people thought — we loved it, and we loved the group and just thought “Let’s find a way to make it even if it’s just ultra low-budget.” We never stopped talking about it and we would always get together and start writing little pieces of it, and we probably have an outline that’s about two-thirds written that’s pretty in-depth. I’m still doing some post-production stuff for Last Man on Earth, but as soon as that’s over, John Solomon and I, who is working at Last Man on Earth too, we’re gonna start writing and I think hopefully carve out some time with Jorma [Taccone], who’s super busy with other stuff too. So we all think about it all the time and can’t wait to start writing, and it seems like there are some very real possibilities as far as people who might actually let us make it. There are a couple avenues that are going to be left unnamed — I don’t want to jinx anything — but as I said before, we’re gonna figure out a way to make it. So we should have faith it’ll happen. Well the other thing is, who knows when it would be though? Because we aren’t going to make it just to make it. We’re really proud of the first one and we don’t want to do anything that would shit on the first one at all. So we’re only going to try to make it if we think it’d be…um…um… good. We need to find the perfect dick jokes.

And here’s Taccone teasing the “super duper rough” MacGruber 2 script:

Jorma Taccone Confirms ‘MacGruber 2’ Is in the Works