One of the Chainsmokers Fell Off of the Stage During a Concert, and He’s Okay If You Want to Laugh Just a Little


We at Vulture like to consider ourselves a pretty positive group of people, but everything in this life has a time and a place, and the time and place for schadenfreude is here and now. Last weekend, the Chainsmokers, who recently said some not very endearing things, were performing at San Diego’s KAABOO Music Festival, and one of them fell off of the stage. The one who fell was Alex Pall, not Drew Taggart. Now, maybe there are certain circumstances in which a person falling off of a stage is not funny. This was not one of those circumstances, because it was funny. Alex is fine, and the Chainsmokers clearly have a sense of humor about the incident, as the band tweeted the video, writing: "RIP ALEX 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂." So, the video is above, and you can laugh at it if you want, although probably not too much, for restraint reasons.