Erstwhile Stronghold Against Capitalist Greed Bon Iver Is Selling Flannel Inspired by 22, a Million

Photo: Andy Sheppard/Redferns

For a guy who's got some ire for brands, Bon Iver's Justin Vernon sure does have a knack for branding. Tied to the recent release of 22, a Million, Bon Iver is selling a flannel shirt inspired by the album. The red top runs a cool $75 on Bon Iver's website, for those of you looking for a purchasing experience that goes above and beyond the classic concert tee. The flannel's symbology-friendly design takes its cue from 22, a Million's cryptic visuals, but let's get real here. If you're scrambling to assemble a philosophical woodsman/modern Thoreau look in time for Halloween, bless your lucky stars and fish that credit card out of the bottom of your bag, because the time to act is now.