Gorillaz Spin a Strange Tale About the Band’s Cartoon Guitarist in Multimedia Story ‘Book of Noodle’


If your knowledge of Gorillaz mainly involves listening to its songs and a vague recollection that the British virtual band is comprised of cartoon members, then you could probably use a refresher on its complex mythology, which extends beyond the animated music videos. In a move that is likely intended to get fans excited for the rumored upcoming album — the first since 2010's Plastic Beach — Gorillaz (the co-creation of musician Damon Albarn and comic book artist Jamie Hewlett) released a really bizarre multimedia story about what the band's guitarist, Noodles, has been doing these past six years. In The Book of Noodle, she mainly fights a shape-shifting devil in Japan and catches up on her reading, though the last frame teases a future meet-up with Murdoc, the group's grouchy bassist. Assuming the cliffhanger isn't just the band trolling us, likely more converging story lines will be unveiled soon. Relive the band's history on its Instagram, and check out The Book of Noodle, below.