How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Anna and Eve

John Duffy, Liza Weil. Photo: Mitch Haaseth/ABC
How to Get Away With Murder

How to Get Away With Murder

Don't Tell Annalise Season 3 Episode 4
Editor's Rating 3 stars

It’s another wild episode of How to Get Away With Murder and it features the return of Eve, played by the statuesque Famke Janssen. But before we can get to that, we see Annalise in a jail cell and Bonnie storms in to let her know the firefighters found another body in the house. The body is alive but they don’t know who it is. The body is blinking at the doctors and they operate on all their burns but they need oxygen, dammit! Then some BIG-ASS TEXT takes us four weeks earlier. Annalise is drinking in a fancy restaurant ordering hella martinis while Eve is on the phone in the lobby.

When she hangs up, Annalise catches her up on her terrible life: killer fliers, dead husband, crazy shooting, and other associated tragedies. Two random guys show up and Annalise pulls the move we all wish we could pull: She just says she and Eve like free drinks. The two bankers — yes, I’m just assuming they’re bankers here — say they’re interested in enough to try to wear them down. Annalise and Eve dance the night away and drink as many shots as they can before the men realize they’re not going to hook up.

Annalise stumbles home to Nate and he carries her up to bed while she drunkenly kicks her shoes off in the hallway. Meanwhile, Frank is busy brooding in his motel room when a woman shows up to sell him a canister that looks like a blowtorch. Frank pays her with a giant stack of cash from his giant suitcase full of giant stacks of cash. Laurel is still trying to call Frank but just can’t reach him because he’s too busy buying chemical weapons.

Meanwhile, the Keating Gang heads into court to defend the client of the week. Everyone takes this moment to catch up on their romantic entanglements: Connor is still sleeping with everyone and Asher and Michaela are still sleeping with each other. Annalise stumbles in with an epic hangover and it’s Asher’s big moment to go forward with defending the case. A 27-year-old actor is playing a 15-year-old who stole $41,000 through credit-card fraud. During Asher’s awful opening statement, the prosecution objects that the client of the week is being represented by an unlicensed lawyer. Annalise’s license has been suspended. GASP. Someone sent the tape of her slapping the shit out of her client from last week’s episode, and so her license is suspended immediately.

Laurel goes to see Frank’s dad to find out why he might be in Coalport, but all Frank’s dad tells her is that Frank has been in jail. Frank is dressed like a janitor trying to get into the medical ward of a prison when a kindly nurse stops him. Not this time, Frank.

Oliver hacks into the client-of-the-week’s bus-pass account because that’s a thing to hack and find out he’s been going to the Warehouse District. The client takes Bonnie and Asher to his storage unit where he’s stashed all the baby stuff he bought with the stolen cash. Umm … what? Turns out, he’s got a baby on the way with some unnamed woman who works at his school. Bonnie brings in his biology teacher and somehow just by looking at her, Bonnie can tell she’s pregnant. So the plan is just put the teacher on the stand and they’ll just figure it out, I guess. Asher notices that’s what Bonnie’s dad did to her. Oh, don’t worry, he brings it up in the most sensitive way possible.

Nate investigates if the tape came from the DA’s office and the beautiful big-haired DA doesn’t seem to know anything about it. Meanwhile, Eve is advising Annalise about her suspension and says maybe it’s just time for her to retire. Annalise says that she blew all of Nate’s insurance money on a hit man to find Frank. Frank did unspeakable things so he had to pay. They cry in each other’s arms right as Nate comes home. That’s awkward. Laurel is trying to look up Frank’s record when Maggie asks for help planning Wes’s birthday party.

While the Keating Gang does research for the case, Connor leaves to go meet some consenting adults for a dick appointment. He checks both of the undergrads’ IDs and gets down to business. Meanwhile, Oliver figures out who mailed the video to the Pennsylvania Bar Association. It was one of the university’s board members trying to invalidate her tenure. Annalise throws a fit in President LaGuerta’s office and President LaGuerta throws her fit right back in her face in an epic women-of-color shouting match that leaves Annalise without options.

Annalise goes home and starts drinking heavily during the day. Nate comes home and asks her if she’s sleeping with Eve. When Annalise doesn’t answer yes or no, Nate says he’s going to move out if Annalise is going to be screwing everyone in the Philadelphia area. He calls her an alcoholic and she begs him to hit her. It’s a situation that escalates quickly. But that gives Annalise a brilliant idea …

Bonnie puts the biology teacher on the stand and asks her immediately if she’s pregnant with her 30-year-old student’s baby. The judge lets the teacher know that she can plead the Fifth, which seems like a weird thing for a judge to tell a witness during a trial. The teacher pleads the Fifth and the 32-year-old high-school student scolds Bonnie and Asher for getting his baby mama arrested.

Annalise meets with the disciplinary board and lets them know that she’s an alcoholic and her behavior can be blamed on her life being in shambles and her subsequent day-drinking. Annalise’s speech is intercut with Wes’s party. Laurel stares at Wes until she makes herself uncomfortable and she leaves. Connor tries to throw himself at Oliver and when that doesn’t work, he suggests Oliver get some strange. Connor never really figured out how to relate to other humans, did he? Annalise celebrates not getting her license taken away by drinking with Eve. Annalise holds Eve’s face in her hands and they start making out. Eve stops her because she’s fallen in love with someone else. Annalise lets her go into the sweet night to fly away on the wings of love.

After Eve leaves, Bonnie stops by Annalise’s house to tell her that Bonnie’s father died. He was transferred to — GASP — the medical ward of a prison. Frank had sex with that kindly nurse, stole her key card, snuck into that medical ward, used the canister to suffocate Bonnie’s father. Laurel snuck into Annalise’s giant home and heard Bonnie explain the whole thing. She stops her on her way out and lets her know that Frank was in Coalport, where the prison is. Bonnie says they can’t tell Annalise.

Some BIG-ASS TEXT tells us that it’s four weeks later again. Maggie is working at the hospital where the burn victim from the House on Fire is being operated on. She rushes in with the chart for the burn victim and she’s pregnant. The burn victim is  … LAUREL. DUM DUM DUUUUUUUUUM.

How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Anna and Eve