How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Back in Action

Aja Naomi King as Michaela. Photo: Richard Cartwright/ABC
How to Get Away With Murder

How to Get Away With Murder

Is Someone Really Dead? Season 3 Episode 6
Editor's Rating 2 stars

This week on How to Get Away With Muuuuurrrddderrr, Annalise is back on the case and we still don’t know WHAT IS UP with Michaela’s house guest, but we really do.

Before we get any answers on that Michaela guest situation, we flashback to THREE WEEKS EARLIER via some big-ass text. Bonnie is trying to prove her worth to Annalise by giving her a tape of Frank admitting to shooting Mahoney. He literally says, “It was me,” but Annalise doesn’t want to go to the police because Frank might reveal everything that Annalise and the Keating Gang have done. Everyone is arguing about what to do when Laurel gets a call from Meggy because the police are in front of Wes’s apartment. She was going over there to bang, but the police stopped her. Annalise coaches Laurel to tell Meggy that Wes is at the library and she locks his phone in a drawer. Everything and everyone currently under suspicion for murder is on lockdown.

Meanwhile, Asher is trying to seduce Michaela with “Cotton Eye Joe” and she very logically does not want to have sex with him while that song is playing. He brings up her family and she snaps at him, and he says that he’s her bae, so they should cuddle up and share secrets. Michaela says they’re not boo-thangs; he’s just too lazy after sex to go home. Way harsh, Michaela. Asher decides that right now is the best time and place to make a stand for love. He tells Michaela that they’re boyfriend and girlfriend or he’s gone. She snaps again so she can study and he says he’s done. Sure, Asher. We all believe that.

Back at home, Annalise forces Bonnie and Wes to stay inside while she goes to get reinstated by the bar. There are a few conditions: She’s got to stay sober, attend AA meetings, and submit to random alcohol screenings. Finally, she’s got to stop being such a major bitch to everybody. That might be the hardest part of her reinstatement.

Annalise is back to her legal lab and the client of the week is an Army veteran who slit a man’s throat in a bar. Simon suggests that she base the defense on the client’s PTSD and he’s made first chair for the trial. After pissing off the Keating Gang for not making any of them first chair, Annalise goes home and freebases a bag of chips. Bonnie thinks Vince Levin should represent Wes if he talks to the police. Annalise asks, “Did you spread your legs for him too?” Annalise, C’MON. I know you’re high on chips right now, but cool it. Bonnie doesn’t know that Frank gave the police Wes’s name and if they don’t cooperate, it might make things worse. Annalise accuses her of wanting to protect Frank. Bonnie says that Frank just wants to come home for real. Annalise says that if Frank comes back, she’ll straight-up murder him. Bonnie is still hurt by Frank abandoning her in the night. Laurel calls Frank one more time to ask if he hates everyone and wants to see them all in jail. Frank doesn’t pick up, but he somehow can listen to his voice mails as they’re being recorded on a cell phone. Neat trick.

It’s court time! The sexy D.A. is back to give Annalise hell. Annalise decides that Simon isn’t allowed to cross-examine the victim anymore because she will not be embarrassed by her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend. Feminism. Unfortunately, Annalise just sucks. She keeps asking questions she’s not allowed to ask and the sexy DA keeps objecting. Annalise runs out of questions and runs to the bathroom to shoot up some potato chips in the bathroom. Michaela comes in looking for her because she’s got evidence that’s gonna blow the case wide open. Turns out the Army vet didn’t see combat; he was working a desk job and lifted her sob story that explains her alleged PTSD. Uh-oh, now Annalise has to come up with a plan!

Connor goes over to tell Wes that he should think of someone other than himself for once in his miserable life. Connor blames Wes for every single terrible thing that’s ever happened in their lives; he’s even responsible for Connor and Oliver breaking up. Wes did that. Connor says, “If you mention my name to the police, I swear to God, I will kill you.” Meanwhile, Annalise is leaving the court building when Nate shows up to tell her that the NYPD are looking for Wes. He knows that she’s hiding him and tells her how stupid of an idea that is. He also slips in that he’s dating the sexy D.A. because that’s a very appropriate time to tell someone that.

Wes is trying to convince Annalise to use the recording to negotiate immunity with the police. No one actually knows if Wes is a suspect or what the police want, but hey — negotiated immunity! Wes accuses Annalise of wanting to protect Frank and she tells him the whole story about Frank and the car accident that killed her unborn child. Annalise admits that she should have left Wes alone and never tried to protect him. She wanted to do something to make herself a better person. Boy, did that plan backfire.

Bonnie is rushing through the Department of Veterans Affairs as Annalise calls the client to the stand. Everyone knows this is a bad idea, but wait for it. Annalise has a plan … right? She has the client tell her whole story about how she attacked the victim in the bar. Bonnie rushes in at the last minute and Annalise is shocked to learn that the client didn’t experience any combat. The judge actually believes that story and allows the client to go to rehab instead of jail because Annalise tells the judge she has a substance-abuse problem. The client insists she doesn’t, but Annalise can see someone who needs help and treatment.

Meggy goes to visit Wes at Annalise’s house and she doesn’t understand why Wes just won’t go to the police. Wes decides to take advantage of the moment and break up with Meggy. Does anyone in this episode know the best time or place to have a relationship milestone? Meggy tells Wes that he’s just pushing her away because he’s scared, and she loves him. His answer? “You should go.”

Oliver is having a better night when it comes to romance: He’s out with an acupuncturist and they end up making out on his doorstep. He tries to tell the acupuncturist some sensitive information in case they take the party inside, but the acupuncturist says he doesn’t sleep with guys he wants to see again on the first date and Oliver remembers that is an option. Asher comes over to Michaela’s house while she’s consoling Connor. Asher brags that he said sex with another human woman. Michaela knows that it didn’t happen and he’s just trying to make her jealous. Asher says he wants more from her because he wants to be there for her. Michaela says, “You’re just like every other guy,” and he tells her that he likes her. Like they’re in seventh-period science.

Wes evades his lawyer and goes over to Laurel’s house to smash the recorder with Frank’s confession. He tells her his plan to go to the police. Laurel tells Wes that she’s not in love with Frank anymore, so she’s not going to protect him because she loves someone else … Wes. They end up sleeping together. When they wake up, they discover Mahoney’s son has been arrested. Frank planted the gun in the son’s car so all the loose ends are somehow tied up, I guess.

THREE WEEKS LATER. Michaela goes looking for Asher because of the fire and no one knows where he is. Asher says that Annalise called everyone to come over and maybe Connor went over to her house. Uh-oh …

HTGAWM Recap: Back in Action