The Monster Trailer: Zoe Kazan Is Being Hunted


Filmmaker Bryan Bertino made a big impression on scary movie fans with his debut feature, The Strangers. After that came the considerably lower profile Mockingbird in 2014, and now he’s back with his third effort, The Monster. In it, Zoe Kazan plays Kathy, a divorced mother who is driving her daughter (Ella Ballantine) through a dark and stormy night to go see her father after receiving an emergency phone call. Along the way, Kathy swerves to avoid an animal in the road and ends up wrecking the car, leaving her and her little girl stranded on a lonely road in the driving rain with a malevolent creature stalking them from the surrounding woods. The Monster hits theaters on November 11, but is available now for DirecTV customers, so add this to your "Dark and Stormy Night" Halloween watch list.