The Man in the High Castle Season-2 Trailer: Wanna Feel Comparatively Better About Current Events?


A lot of people (many celebrities among them!) have compared Donald Trump to Hitler. Well, sure. The similarities are there, definitely, but do you know one thing that Donald Trump isn't? The literal Hitler. That's one good thing the American people have going for us, and a fun thing about maybe watching The Man in the High Castle is that you can constantly remind yourself of that cold comfort. The Amazon drama, based on the Philip K. Dick novel, presents an alternate reality in which the Third Reich won World War II, leaving Nazis in charge through the present day. That un-fun premise continues in the show's second season, so get ready to watch Marilyn Monroe sing "Happy Birthday" to a very different dude. New episodes arrive December 16, coming to remind us that at least fiction's still the stranger thing, if only barely so.