Is This Cars 3 Teaser the Meanest Thing Pixar Has Done to Kids?


As any viewer of Toy Story 3, Up, or Inside Out is well aware, Pixar is quite comfortable when it comes to embracing existential and emotional crises. But even that knowledge did not prepare us for this new teaser for Cars 3, in which our old pal Lightning McQueen appears to ... crash and possibly perish on the NASCAR track? Or, put another way: Has Lightning been Bing Bonged? We picture a parent and child positioned in front of their computer screen, faces alight in excitement for a new Cars teaser (a Pixar franchise that errs on the lighter side), only to see their faces fall into deep malaise a mere 35 seconds later. "Mommy? Daddy?" this newly shaken child might ask, looking for answers. And to this Pixar might reply, "Welcome to a permanent state of stress and anxiety, kids. Ask your parents, they'll understand."