Watch Keke Palmer’s New Visual Album Lauren and Pretend It’s the ’90s again for 15 Blissful Minutes


Between the camo, midriff tops, and R&B slow jams, Keke Palmer's new visual album Lauren is as ’90s as you can get while still calling to mind Rihanna. Debuting yesterday on Billboard, the 15-minute EP, which takes its title from Palmer's birth name, serves up bops like "Got Me F--ked Up" and "Hands Free," while showcasing Palmer's voice on ballads like "Doubtful" and "Pressure." So why did Palmer decide to release a visual EP? Of course, Beyoncé's Lemonade and Frank Ocean's Endless set the visual album as a new creative standard, but more important, you just can't get the full effect of a puppet sidekick on a regular album. A regular album can't do a puppet justice.