Ghost in the Shell Trailer: Scarlett Johansson Is a Lean, Mean, Cyborg-Killing Machine


Not to be outdone by its numerous teasers, Ghost in the Shell just dropped an official trailer this morning, and human-cyborg Scarlett Johansson is looking every bit the badass with her shootin' and punchin' skills. Johansson headlines the film as Major, a special ops leader who fronts an elite task force called Section 9. The prime goal of the force is to stop the world's most dangerous criminals and hackers from successfully executing their plans, but when they're faced with a brand-new enemy who skillfully wants to sabotage the fictional Hanka Robotic's cybertechnology, things quickly escalate to deadly proportions. Also starring Pilou Asbæk, Juliette Binoche, and Takeshi Kitano, the sci-fi extravaganza which is based on the popular Japanese manga of the same name, prompting some people to accuse Paramount of whitewashing will be released on March 31.