Kristen Wiig and Jerry Seinfeld Eat Pie and Talk ‘SNL’ on ‘Comedians in Cars’


Season 9 of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee debuted its first episode today with guest Kristen Wiig, and with some help from Jerry Seinfeld’s very classy 1964 Volvo Amazon and LA’s House of Pies, the two have a lengthy chat about how Wiig got her start with The Groundlings, a woman on her flight confused by The Matrix who inspired her Aunt Linda character, what she’s been working on lately (a ukulele album!), and when she was hired – and later decided to leave – SNL: “I remember when I first started I was like ‘The moment I feel comfortable here is when I have to leave,’” Wiig tells Seinfeld. As for her farewell episode: “I waited months before I watched it, and I lost it,” she says. “It was the hardest thing I had to do, even though it was my decision to do it.” Watch the full episode here.

Kristen Wiig and Jerry Seinfeld Eat Pie and Talk ‘SNL’ […]