Stephen Colbert Reacts to Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration on ‘The Late Show’


Here’s a clip from Friday’s Late Show, where Stephen Colbert recaps the very dark, rainy, bizarre day that was Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration. On Trump’s bleak inaugural address: “We get it, the country is a turd storm! You said all of that during the campaign, you can stop now! He knows he won, right? Putin must have told him!” On Reverend Franklin Graham claiming that the day’s rainy weather was, according to the Bible, a blessing: “Yeah, I’ve read the Bible. Blessing’s not exactly how Noah took it.” On the extremely small amount of people who attended the event, at least compared to President Obama’s inauguration: “Either that’s a lot of empty space, or that crowd is even whiter than I thought.” Watch the full segment above.

Stephen Colbert Reacts to Donald Trump’s Presidential […]