Dax Shepard and Michael Peña Aim to Be the Beyoncé and Jay Z of Highway Patrol in CHIPs Trailer


The first trailer for Dax Shepard’s CHIPs movie is here, and, appearances aside, it is not just a re-release of 21 Jump Street — we checked. Shepard not only stars in but directs the adaptation of the ‘70s cop show about California highway patrolmen. Michael Peña co-stars as the Ponch to Shepard’s Baker in the updated runaround, which sees Ponch as an undercover FBI officer on the hunt for corrupt cops, while Baker is a retired X-Games motorcyclist looking for a way to stay on the hog. Maya Rudolph, Kristen Bell, and Adam Brody are among the rest of the cast for the comedy, out March 24, in which it looks like the bikes ride fast and the jokes land loudly. Let the CHIPs trailer fall where it may, which just so happens to be above.

Watch the Trailer for Dax Shepard’s CHIPs Movie