Jimmy Kimmel Might Retire from Late Night TV in 2019


According to Jimmy Kimmel, his days as ABC’s late night host might be numbered. Speaking to Variety, Kimmel revealed that he is considering retiring from his post at Jimmy Kimmel Live when his contract expires in fall 2019. “I know I will do the show for another three years,” he said. “It’s possible that will be it. My wife’s pregnant. At a certain point, I’d like to have a little more free time. I have very little free time as it is.” Here’s another excerpt of Kimmel’s conversation with Variety:

“I think this job is a grind, and best-cast scenario, a marathon,” Kimmel said. “I want to go out on my own terms. If I ever feel like we’re repeating ourselves, I think it’s a good indication that it’s time.” He added, “I will miss it when I go. Television is changing quickly. I get a lot of offers to do a lot of different things.” Kimmel, 49, said that when he leaves Jimmy Kimmel Live, it won’t be for another late-night vehicle. “If there’s something that excites me creatively, it doesn’t necessarily mean something in show business,” Kimmel said. “I like to draw. I like to make sculptures. I’d like to write a book at some point. Doing the show every day doesn’t leave a lot of time for that.”

Kimmel’s show has been airing on ABC since 2003, making him the second longest-tenured late night host currently on the air. Kimmel comes second to Conan O’Brien, who has found a lot of success in recent years with his remote specials and hit “Clueless Gamer” segment, which is reportedly being developed as its own show at TBS. While O’Brien has no plans to leave Conan anytime soon, last month TBS president Kevin Reilly revealed that changes to the show are in the works, including a possible switch to a weekly format. “He has a very full plate in things that we’re going to be going the next step on in the next six months, and that led him to ask me, ‘Well, how do we balance this with the talk show?’ He’s going to have a show on TBS for many years to come.”

Kimmel’s show is off this week, but he makes his Oscars hosting debut this Sunday on ABC.

Jimmy Kimmel Might Retire from Late Night TV in 2019